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Located 20 km northbound from Lyon, Optique Peter develops opto-mechanical systems in different fields : nuclear, microelectronics, machine vision, industry, research, medical.

Family-owned company with a human size, Optique Peter has all the scientific and technical skills to ensure a self-sufficient development for every step of the project: design, machining, assembling, installation, maintenance, training, calibration; its aim being able to respond to its national and international customer's challenges and requirements.


2013/07 X-Ray Imaging microscope delivered to Brazil
Two X-Ray imaging microscopes have been delivered to LNLS synchrotron In Campinas - Brazil One Monochromatic X-Ray imaging microscope One White Beam X-Ray Imaging microscope
2012/12 X-Ray imaging microscope delivered to Korea
A X-Ray iamging microscope has ben delivered to PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)

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